College students use our proven method to get dream job offers

We have built a full-proof methodology that helps college students proactively seek out and get their ideal internships and job offers in as few as 8 weeks. Get hired, or it's free.

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Rishav Khanal

Entrepreneur and Teacher

“My passion is helping people achieve what they are fully capable of." - RK

Welcome to College Insurance with Compound

Rishav Khanal was able to garner multiple job offers before graduating and launching his career at LinkedIn. Afterwards, families and students alike asked if he could help them achieve the same internship and full time job results that he had. Despite paying thousands of dollars towards their university, families of college students knew their students were not prepared to obtain a competitive internship or full-time job by the time they graduate. The proven methods that Rishav teaches are impacting students across the country and provide a level of confidence to parents that their dollars spent on their student's college education will result in a job offer upon graduation.

The Math Makes Sense

The average all-in cost of a 4-year degree in the US is over $142,000. We provide a full-proof method to ensure college students get job offers for less than 3% of that amount.

What will college students learn?

We prepare students to proactively seek out internship and full time job offers using our proprietary process.


Resume + Social Optimization

Cover letter videos, SEO-friendly LinkedIn profiles, and resumes that stand out in 2022. We'll coach you through it all.


Proactive Pursuit of Desired Roles

Career fairs and referrals from family members are not enough - we teach students proven methods to go get offers.


Interview and Negotiate Like A Pro

It's not enough to garner interest from desired employers. We cover each interview by stage, type, and negotiation.


Post-Offer Acceptance Best Practices

It's critical to proactively pursue job offers, but we also provide a framework to navigate life after an offer has been accepted.

The Compound Guarentee

If a client of ours is engaged with us but has not yet received a job offer after completing the 8-week program, they are able to access our monthly Group Accelerator meeting for free for up to 12 months. If they STILL haven't received an offer after 12 months of following our program, we offer a full refund.

What topics are covered in the course?

In just 8 weeks, your student can transition from hesitant to confident in their pursuit of dream job offers.

Tier 1 Candidate Profile

They will learn to build their resume, LinkedIn profile, and their candidate brand from former LinkedIn recruiters

Mastering The Interview

Your child will learn how to stand out in a modern interview setting through our unique, proven frameworks

Authentic Networking

Your student will learn to form meaningful professional relationships without feeling overwhelmed

Tangible Experience

Actionable templates, strategies, videos and live coaching to teach your student to find a career they'll love

Job Readiness

Students receive key lessons for breaking into their preferred industry through our community of mentors

Social Media Engagement

Whether or not students pursue marketing roles, they will need to be comfortable marketing themselves

Choose What Works For You

Hear what our amazing students say

We've have some raving fans, so we'll let
them do all the talking!

"I know exactly what I'm going to be doing with my life."

"Before Compound Career, I wasn't doing that much. I didn't have career goals, but now, I know exactly what I'm going to be doing with my life."

Christian M.
Business Development

"I'm feeling confident, prepared, and ready to tell my story."

"It is such a helpful resource that changed my whole mindset heading into interviews. I'm feeling confident, prepared, and ready to tell my story."

Alexis C.
Corporate Inside Sales

"Couldn't thank you enough!"

"Thank you to Compound for always guiding me through the job hunting process, opening up some doors, and making it a great experience. Couldn't thank you enough!"

Sean K.
Quality Analyst

Frequently Asked Questions

It's okay to have questions! We have the answers.

I've never heard of you before. Why can I trust Compound Career?

We have served many students across various majors and universities with a 100% success rate. When students follow what we teach, it works.

Will you meet with my student every day? Do you come to our house?

We meet with students weekly in our most popular program and will travel to your student for a full day strategy and consulting session via our premium plan.

So, what's the catch with the Compound Career Guarantee? A full refund?

We offer a full guarantee because every student that works with us experiences significant success after putting in the work on a consistent basis.

My student has access to their career center. How are you any different?

Career centers do not teach the methods that we do. Also, many career centers are known for giving guidance that is not effective or relevant in today's job market.

Is this hard or time-consuming? My student is very busy.

This program has been built with students' lives in mind. It's easy to use, our video content is on demand just like Netflix, and does not require abundant amounts of time.

Why should I invest in Compound Career? Can't my child find this info for free?

Free info doesn't equate to quality. Achieving a positive career outcome requires deliberate planning, which is clear given that 53% of recent college grads work in jobs that don't even require a degree.

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